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About Climate Leadership Development

About Us

We will be asking a lot of our leaders in the coming years as we confront the full effects of the climate crisis. Let's help them to build vital knowledge and skills to succeed as climate leaders.

The Climate Leadership Development community is designed to become a thriving consortium of organizational and community leaders, learning and leadership-development professionals, designers, climate experts, climate advocates, and interested friends.

Together, we can help to turn leaders into climate leaders.

Among the opportunities for this community: 

Design and deliver world-class learning experiences that equip climate leaders to succeed. 

Develop standards for the development of leaders at all levels who will transform the climate crisis into an era of regeneration and sustainability. 

Build a powerful, growing knowledge base to advance the field of climate leadership development.

The spark for the community comes from Tom Lowery, who led the corporate university and global talent management for Gartner, and executive and board-volunteer development for the national office of the $7.7B federation of U.S. YMCAs. He is president of the consulting firm Better Still.

In late 2021 Tom developed the Framework for Leadership Development in an Era of Climate Change, which makes the case that there are 12 key development areas to grow climate leaders inside and outside organizations.

About You

You are passionate about addressing the climate crisis. 

You recognize that leaders need support to build skills and knowledge to become effective climate leaders.

You want to apply what you know and do to build climate leaders in your organization, in your community, in the world. 

You want to collaborate with peers across disciplines, demographics, and experiences to equip leaders as they address the complex, urgent challenges of the climate crisis.

You want to learn together.

You want to contribute to a thriving, inclusive community that is dedicated to building climate leaders. 

Why You Should Join Us

By joining the Climate Leadership Development Community, you'll be able to contribute your passion, experience, and expertise to building climate leaders in your organization, your neighborhood, your part of the world. And you can learn from colleagues across disciplines and across the globe.

Please add your ideas and expertise by joining this inclusive, invigorating community.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to those around the world who have already lent their support to this crucial and hopeful effort.